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Diehl Grant - Providing Bus Passes to Help Combat Food Insecurity
















In the spring of 2022, ATA Bus was awarded a Diehl Community Grant through the Greater Manhattan Community Foundation. This grant is intended to support projects likely to have a major impact on community efforts in the arts, basic human needs, and youth, located in or impacting a large segment of the population.

ATA Bus works closely with many service organizations in the community and was able to identify the need for easily accessible transportation to help combat food insecurity. To explain further, according to Feeding America, 13.5% of people in Riley County are experiencing Food Insecurity. In order to allow more people to access the organizations and groups in town who can help individuals acquire food, meals, and other resources, ATA Bus applied for funding in order to provide those entities with Bus Passes at no cost. 

With the award of the Grant, it means that many of the helpful organizations in town will be given ATA Bus passes for no charge to provide freely to the individuals they serve who are in need. 

ATA Bus is delighted to have been given this opportunity and feels proud to be able to better the community through this program. 

Partnered Organizations:

Food and Farm Council 

Be Able Community

Salvation Army

Flint Hills Breadbasket

Flint Hills Wellness Coalition

Sunflower CASA

Shepherd's Crossing

Common Table

Manhattan Emergency Shelter, Inc.

If you or someone you know is experiencing food insecurity, please feel free to contact any of the organizations above for assistance and care. 

2020 年底,ATA Bus 希望找到一种方法来帮助回馈曼哈顿社区。在此期间,莱利县食品和农场委员会向我们提供了一个预制的“祝福盒” ,如果我们愿意赞助它并安排将其放置在曼哈顿西侧。  


通过与 Westloop Business Association、Brixmor Property Group、KS State Bank 和 JP Enterprises 的协调,Blessing Box 于 2020 年 12 月安装在 Westloop 停车场。从那时起,Blessing Box 已确认需要帮助在这个区域,因为它每天都在使用。  


从 2021 年开始,ATA Bus 寻求其他 Westloop 企业来帮助赞助 Blessing Box,每次为期一个月。许多企业已经伸出援手并自愿这样做,并且在帮助保持库存方面取得了巨大成功。您可以在下面找到我们当前每月赞助商的列表! 

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